Bed and an armchair

(November 20, 2015)

After reading friend’s story last night – my first free day over a month! – I decided to do something in the other end of the prism and pick up that little project I had in mind before November came.

I wanted to make a chair for Barbie. Or, I was planning to buy one, but then I went on line and saw that the ones I liked, nice quality and nice to look at, were equally priced. Then I remembered a tutorial for miniatures that teaches you how to make soft furniture and thought – why not give it a try?

So here’s my results: bed for niece, because she has wanted it since her mom got the doll house and chair for my doll so she would not be sitting on my tarot deck bag.

Well, now I know why they cost so much. The bed took me  12 hours to make, both the furniture piece, the beddings and the bouncy madras and pillow. The chair took 6 hours. In either case I don’t count making the pattern, for despite there being quite few available online, I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, so I fantasized a bit. Both are mostly made of thick carton layered up so the pieces went together like puzzle game covered with costume velvet, finished with pegs for legs.

Those legs – if I even mention them right now aloud, my brother goes running for whatever errant he can think of, because they proved to be the hardest part in the entire project.

This dress Margot is in, is from the time, when I was living with my niece and she had the adorable affection for naked dolls and I simply didn’t want to see my two darlings wondering around naked. So I sew the dress on and problem solved.

So, without further due, here’s the results:




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