Adopted Steffi Love

(October 23, 2015)I said I bought a doll from second hand shop. I finished fixing her up on Sunday and thought I might as well show her off a bit too before niece gets to take her home.

So, the doll itself is Steffi Love, as it turned out. The image on the left is one I found online when  I was searching what doll I was dealing with. Had to use that to show what she looked like before I had the “cunning” idea to repaint her face.

To start with, I washed and conditioned the hair. Turned out she had long hair! Couldn’t guess by the way they’d been puffed on top of her head with bad rubber. But when I saw that she actually HAS quite good long hair, I felt still at odds. It was cheep piece of plastic and I’ve never liked Steffi’s face much.

So after it sat about a week, I woke up one morning that I wanna try it. When else do I get a cheep canvas like that? Heh. Yeah. So I coughed off her head and did it. Used acrylic watercolor pencils and took my sweet time, doing one element at a time during 5 minute breaks from work. But that’s the result, and I rather like the outcome. Don’t want to take it up any time soon though. Or, well, until one of such crosses my path again.

Then the dress. Cheep 20 cent skirt from a thrift shop. The skirt actually has extra layer underneath and the lacy bodice is built to fit that doll and despite the snuggly look, it can be removed and put back on without any trouble. Same goes to the choker necklace (thanks to the easy pop-off neck link) and armband. It was important that the dress can be removed, for it is meant for playing after all.

Ah, yes, fun side project :).


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