Baby Rose dress

(September 16, 2012)

Unfortunately the  camera died on me after third file (reminder to anyone, who lends their cameras out – LOAD THEM FIRST if they aren’t on batteries). So I only have those few images from it.

Inspired by another Gothic Lolita gown (they are just so cute!). This time I put more thought in buttoning and it looks much, much better.

I liked the fabric a lot and I’m thinking of making the 19th century gown from this too. It’s thin enough to tolerate all the flouncing and  folding and still have elegance of air.  But I’m surprised how much fabric those two dresses actually take. Far more than I expected.

*The dresses were  made March 27, 2012
* As an afterthought – that dress has survived 5 years of playing in the hands of a girl aged between 2 to 7, so worth purchase.




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