Changing hair on Margot

(September 4, 2013)

Remember the Barbie doll? The one I told, oh so long time ago, that I want to change her hair? Well, I began with it, then ran out of hair, then ordered new set, ran out of time and will and countless other reasons? I finished it. Decided two days ago that I want her to have her hair and took the time and finished it. It’s been bugging me for months now, but I didn’t want to take it to the next year. Besides – I have the last year in Uni, no time for side projects like this.

Left her longest hair I could get out of those hair. I have a thing to Rapunzel Barbies and decided that if I’m gonna have my very own OOAK, I might as well have that long wished long haired Barbie. Always thought they had too short hair…

This doll ended up having three colors of hair – mixture of Nutmeg and Pumpkin Spice from MyLittleCustoms homepage, including pure Nutmeg for slightly (but not so that it would scream out) darker shades in the tone and to frame the face better. Thought it doesn’t show from the image, it does give lovely play in light. Plus Poison Ivy  for green highlights. Sparingly. But I wanted green ones, for oh who knows why. I did get some purple just in case as well – just in case I changed my mind. 😛 Now that I know the trick, won’t be much trouble to change the highlights if I so choose. It still looks a bit poof, that’s because I didn’t have the heart to toss all that hard work in hot water yet.



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