Changing out the bodies.

(June 17, 2017)

P.S. The reason you see the floral pattern again – it’s the easiest cotton fabric I have to test out the fit of the patterns, so I use it a lot.

I went wondering on Internet and saw a new type of Barbie body – Made to Move. I was bored, working on something I could do with my eyes closed, so I checked out few Youtube videos on it.

I’ve had my Barbie close to five years now. I very much like that I can set her to sit and all that and I very much like her Pivotal body type. However, when I saw this new type, the play line Made To Move version, I really felt like time has moved forward. When I first saw the new Fashionista bodies, I didn’t like them – compared to the Pivotal, which was used on the grown-up versions, they looked chunky and really odd with their pointed knees. I would do the comparison photo show, but my niece has that body with the switched head, so I can’t. Long story short though – I didn’t like them.

But this one – I seriously like it. It had double joints, the arms and thighs are also twistable and after I got the doll, I was surprised how sturdy the joints are. Given, it doesn’t look as delicate as the Pivotal and it is thicker in the middle, as any other Barbie body really, and it has knickers, which is first to me, but everything else considered – really, really lovely body. It is much closer to what you can see on ball jointed dolls of Iple House or Volks. As much as I love those dolls, they are way too big for me and I’m not that obsessed. As if! Just look at me! I just created a page for my dolls!

Well, as you can already guess, I went back online, checked out the skin tone comparison charts (I am insistent on this one, because I want them to look as natural as they can be and not someone with heavy face tan), found that the Asian girl fits, Made to Move Purple Shirt doll, and went for a hunt. Differently from the last time, when I had to use friend’s help to get Sinatra Barbie and Model Muse, because they wouldn’t send them here officially, which I am forever thankful for, these ones were sold in local toy shops! Of course, not a single homepage counted which one of those dolls they had in stores, so I started off by going through all of them and found the last two matching dolls they had in this city.

I knew they would fit for both Lucretzia and Margotas they were first purchased with the plan of changing Lucrezia’s head on Margot’ body. Buuut then I fell for Margot’ face…

For conclusion – both dolls now have the new body. Niece liked the Asian girl more, so I gladly switched her on the Pivotal and kept Lucrezia for myself again. We sort of do Barbie switching every now and then. The couple of years she spent with her, she’s now missing an ear, they have a rabbit, but other than that, nothing more wrong with her. So I now have both my darlings with me again.

With the same measurements for the body and half of the online patterns fit! You have no idea how happy that makes me, when I think of how many times I’ve done the basic patterns from scratch because they were not standard size.  Old habits die hard – I still made the basic pattern from scratch and still adjust human clothes patterns to her basic pattern. But thanks to her, she can have very nice snuggly clothes which I’m gonna photograph more and put up here more.

This is how she sits now – all packed up nicely on her chair right next to my computer, usually together with Lucrezia. Before, the most she could do was have her feet down on the ground. Very, very pleased with the change.



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