Peachy sun dresses

My niece has a lot of fair haired ladies, who need to go to birthday parties and tea parties, or to a ball, so I figured few princess dresses were in order.

There are a lot of images on the web of dresses, where they simply take large piece of lace and make something fast. I was in a bit of a hurry and figured – why not? The one below was done just like that, with the exception that instead of a big puff skirt, I gathered it all back to give it a bit Victorian feeling.

The dress further up was made from a pattern I found online, from here. I don’t remember, which one it was, but I was keen on trying how a fitted sleeve making works in that scale. I’m quite happy how it turned out, though by now I know what went wrong as well.

The reason the white mix dress doesn’t sit well, is because it was made by some mermaid Barbie niece had brought with her. Turns out that doll is bigger than this ones.

sunny peach 1


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