Yellow set

I was requested for a everyday clothes Barbies could wear at home. As we’d been to a drift shop the day before, I’d got a yellow baby’s t-shirt with a nice thick, but fine stretchy material. I often search drift shops for doll clothes material. It’s really hard to find small print patterns from fabric shops (at least around here), but they often bring in some old shirts at the drift shop that have them and as I’m not searching clothes for myself, I can find really good ones from children’s section. Even now I have a punch of them waiting for my free time.

The jacket is made from niece’s old baby trousers, or maybe it was a dress? We often sought for stuff that were sturdy, because we were in wild places a lot. It’s actually a long-sleeve jacket and made by re-fitting the human pattern to doll size. I am far more pleased with the sleeves on this one.

yellow set 2


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