Play dresses

Remember the Sound of Music, where Maria says the children are in need of some play clothes? That was exactly the case with these dresses. The one on the right is the original play dress, the one Margot wears on the left is the new version of it.

The pink dress was made so it would be easy for a three-year-old to dress her Barbies (she has other sort too) herself, fast and with as little drama as possible so she can take the doll to a messy places like beach and sandbox. She loved to carry her dolls around, but her mom didn’t want her to take the pretty dolls out, so she said the ball dress was not suitable to go to beach with. So I quickly made a dress that would be suitable, would have no problems if it got wet and dirty. As I didn’t have any specific doll to follow, I used an online pattern from 1970s, one of those print out and make.

The rose version of an outfit suitable for roaming the countryside, is made as a test to see if the basic pattern fitted the doll or not. The leggings are added just for the kicks, because I’m currently on leggings making swing.

It kinda marks out to me how different the dresses are if you make them yourself, or when you print the pattern made to suit many. To begin with, your own made ones sit so much nicer :).


day dress 2


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