This is, as you’ve probably noticed by the content, a Barbie doll page. I am not a collector, nor do I really play with them, but after years of interest, you might say I’m a hand sewing enthusiast, who likes the intriguing puzzle of re-sizing the human patterns to dolls and see how it works out.

I never owned a Barbie in my youth. These two, bought 2013, are my first Barbies and, after working with them, I don’t really want any other. It is not my intention to get a big collection.

It started off as a self-therapy type of thing, for I had a very stressful work and needed an outlet, something that had absolutely nothing to do with reality. As much as I love writing, and by now it has turned into my second career, it wasn’t it. I like miniatures and handwork, but I don’t really have time for them, thus it seemed the best solution for me to get myself two Barbies and have them fill my urge to tinker on small things.

I mostly make doll clothes in 1/6 size for my niece’s dolls, but also for any other sized dolls that need them. I also repair dolls and fix them up for playing. All the clothes, with few exceptions, are made keeping in mind that they are for playing, thus they can be changed out easily and as time has proven – they survive rough playtime.

On Water Bond blog, I will be posting photos about the clothes I’ve finished so far and will finish in the future, for it seems this hobby is taking up speed rather than slowing down.

Thank you for your visit and have fun!

LC Aisling



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